Vegan Medjool Date, Almond and Coconut Health Bars

Medjool dates are my new experimental ingredient to work with. They’re great for binding ingredients, high in natural sugars so no additional ones are needed, and taste like a dessert.

My initial attempt was to make Homemade Clif Bars but that didn’t quite work out as planned—I think I should have added in a couple of extra dates! Either way, I still ended up with a healthy, compact snack for work which I’m happy with. Another thing I like about these is that they’re relatively cheap in comparison to store-bought granola bars, and there’s only 5 ingredients which you can all recognize and find in stores. No crazy preservatives or additives.

I’ve been trying to keep up with my posts since I started an internship…by the time I get home, it’s dark outside and food photos are much trickier with no natural light. So I apologize for the scarcity of recipes lately but I’ll try to pick it up once the days get a bit longer!Vegan Medjool Date BarsVegan Medjool Date Bars


Make 8 bars

  • 1 cup raw almonds
  • 1 cup whole flaked oats (aka rolled oats)
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut
  • 15 medjool dates, pits removed
  • 1/2 cup water


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

In a food processor, blend almonds and oats until in small crumbles. Add in coconut and dates, and process in short bursts until everything is well combined and there are no large chunks. Slowly pour in water and blend until a thick, sticky mixture has formed.

In either a parchment paper lined 8×8 glass baking dish or a loaf dish, transfer the mixture in and press it down with a rubber spatula. Bake for 20-25 minutes, remove from heat and allow to cool completely before cutting it into bars. You can choose how big to make them–it depends on how big of a snack you’ll want. Wrap in plastic wrap and store in a container for up to 5 days.Vegan Medjool Date Bars


20 thoughts on “Vegan Medjool Date, Almond and Coconut Health Bars

  1. onedomesticgoddess says:

    I love dates! I even have a “date guy” at our local farmer’s market. I’ve tried making granola bars with dates a few times, but I have a really hard time getting them to bind. Most of the recipes I’ve seen are no bake. It looks like these stayed together pretty Well!

    • Veronica Sheppard says:

      I want a “date guy”! Haha I’m sure ones from the farmer’s market are so much better, I got mine from a package but they still work well. I’d maybe suggest using more dates? Also, once I added the water it really helped make it into a sort of “dough”–I didn’t have any problems with them falling apart.

      • onedomesticgoddess says:

        Yes, I love my “date guy.” He disappeared from our market for months and I was deeply concerned that I may never be able to eat his dates again. I later found out that they are seasonal.

        Yes, I think you are right there on the number of dates. Most recipes I’ve seen call for 6-8 and have lots of nuts, so I always have trouble with the bars setting up.

        These look great!

  2. julie says:

    Just made these delicious bars. I put a handful of chocolate chips in them to disguise them as dessert for my boys. They are a big, delicious hit! Thank you!

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