A Cozy Breakfast With the Girls at Everyday Allergen-Free

The Vegetarian Ginger Made Us Breakfast, So.
This post is one of the reasons I started this blog. Initially, I started it as a university portfolio piece to show I could string a sentence together and snap a photo. From there, I realized the community of food blogger in Canada and beyond is amazing & supportive & friendly & funny & talented…the list goes on.
I paired up with Amanda and Joella (the pair of friends and bloggers-in-crime below) from Everyday Allergen-Free to cozy up in a downtown condo and make banana breakfast bars and warming turmeric drinks for breakfast. They published our session together on their unique site, which if you can guess from the name, specializes in recipes, stories, reviews, and more for an allergen-free lifestyle.
I’m going to re-publish their post below because, along with their fun photos for the post, the recipes are easy-to-make, inexpensive, and definitely delicious. With that in mind, excuse what may appear to be third-person writing because it’s from their voice. Be sure to follow their food-ventures as well for more!
Sometimes people mistaken our site for a “healthy living” blog, which in many ways it is, but allergen-free food is not the same as fat-free, sugar-free, or any other bad-for-you-stuff-free. After coming back from London (post on that coming soon) I went on a total carb kick and made bread, pasta, and scones in one afternoon. After rolling myself off the couch I felt like a human balloon. So this vegan, gluten-free recipe post is a welcome breath of wheat-free air.

We cooked from Deliciously Ella Every Day, one of our favorite cookbooks that we’ve gone back to countless times. Veronica prepared Banana Breakfast Bars (p. 44) and Warming Turmeric Tonic (p. 239).


Look at this food, isn’t it neat?

To begin, Ronnie mashed up some ripe bananas that had been quietly fermenting on my counter all week, waiting to reach their optimal ripeness. If you like your bananas green, please exit this window, you can’t sit with us.

She added oats (ours are not verified gluten-free, but if you have Celiac disease be sure to buy a brand that is), coconut milk in place of almond milk, Sunbutter in place of cashew butter, cinnamon, organic honey, and vanilla extract. Mix well until the mixture comes together and is quite sticky. Pour into a pan lined with either parchment paper or coconut oil and even the mixture out with a fork. Then bake for precisely 12 minutes at 350F. Let it come to room temperature before slicing into bars.

This is the perfect breakfast food to prep at the beginning of the week so you can grab and go every morning.

This turmeric drink is so quick to make that there were no valuable photos to show you here aside from these ones of Veronica pouring the bright gold liquid into mugs. All you have to do is heat up some coconut milk (the recipe calls for cashew but we obviously didn’t use that) and add turmeric and honey. Stir it up, pour it out, drink it in. This is incredibly healthy for you, says the turmeric gods, so be sure to drink a lot of it.


Since acquiring a copy of this book a while back I’ve made both of these recipes countless times, and I love them. But it was way more enjoyable to have The Vegetarian Ginger cook for us, with her own culinary flare and wonderfully dry sense of humor. Do yourself a favour and check out her site here.

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  1. Cat says:

    Add ground black pepper to your warm turmeric drink. Pepper helps the body absorb the turmeric properties, thereby boosting immune benefits

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