Peanut Butter S’more Brownies

Love s’mores? Me too.

I made these for my friend’s birthday and just cut them up into squares instead of baking a birthday cake. I’m personally not a huge fan of just plain ol’ cake, so these were a major upgrade.

These brownies are pretty easy except beware of burning your marshmallows. Kind of like making an actual s’more over the fire, you have to watch it very, very closely to get it to the perfect colour.

Cutting them into squares is a little tricky because the marshmallows are so sticky, so I’d wait until they have cooled down a little then take a sharp knife and very lightly grease it with vegetable oil. It should cut through easier.

Over the summer I made a s’more that used chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers, I put peanut butter on the cookies, then had melty chocolate and marshmallows on the inside. It was glorious.

Peanut Butter S'more Brownie


  • 1 450g box of brownie mix, prepare batter but do not pour into pan or bake yet
  • 3 tbsp. peanut butter, melted
  • 22 graham crackers
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
  • 1 1/2 cups vegan mini marshmallows
  • 1 100g milk chocolate bar
  • Graham crackers chunks for toppings (optional)
  • Extra melted chocolate for topping (optional)


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Once your brownie batter is prepared and still in the bowl, add the melted peanut butter. Mix well so that it is a consistent colour and set aside.

In a food processor, crush the graham crackers, then add the melted butter. Mix well so that it is an even consistency. Spread the graham crust mixture smoothly into a 7×11″ pan, then evenly pour brownie batter on top.

Bake the brownie mixture in the oven for 25-30 minutes. It will be done if you stick a toothpick in and it comes out clean. Once your brownies are removed, set your oven to broil. Evenly distribute the mini marshmallows on top of the brownies and place under the broiler for roughly 2 minutes. Keep a very close eye on them to make sure they do not burn; it should just be golden brown. I left mine in for too long and burnt them, had to scrape the marshmallows off and put a new layer…not fun.

Tube of mini marshmallows

Once the marshmallows are golden brown, remove from oven. Push squares of chocolate and chunks of graham cracker, if desired, into the top of brownies. For extra sweet-tooth chocolate-packed-ness, drizzle a small amount of melted chocolate over the brownie.

Cut into small squares and serve. These are bound to be gone quickly so eat some while it’s around!

Bird's Eye S'more Brownies

Sticky marshmallow brownieClose up smore brownie

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    What a tasty-looking treat!

    1. Thanks! They were a big hit haha

  2. I’ve never tried one… No one makes them in Britain… They sound devilishly nice though!

    1. As long as you like sugar they’re great!

  3. Brittany says:

    OH MY GOSH! This looks amazing!

    1. They were a lot of fun to make too 🙂 glad you like them!

  4. Krissi says:

    Marshmellows are not vegetarian-friendly since they contain gelatin. I thought all of the food on here is vegetarian-friendly or is it not?

    1. Hi Krissi, they have vegetarian marshmallows at most grocery stores, I use those ones. I changed it to specify that, sorry for not being clear!

      1. Krissi says:

        Oh cool, I’ve looked but I’ve never been able to find any!

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