Garlic Parmeson Wonton Crackers

Store-bought crackers are way too salty a lot of the time, and I find they end up over-powering the dips I eat them with. The few times I have tried making homemade crackers right from scratch, they've always needed tweeking and the texture wasn't perfect. Wonton crackers are the perfect balance between the two. You … Continue reading Garlic Parmeson Wonton Crackers


Easy Vegetable Frittata with Shredded Tofu

I have never had a successful time with cast iron skillets and eggs. No matter how much oil or butter I put down, the eggs still always stuck and fell apart. This time, I found the perfect method. The trick is to heat the pan in advance so that it's really hot before you coat … Continue reading Easy Vegetable Frittata with Shredded Tofu