Christmas Cookie Recipe Roundup

Christmas Cookie Roundup

It’s that time of year again! I want all of your favourite holiday cookie recipes whether they’re frosted, cracked, dipped or dusted.

It’s simple:

  • Post your all-time favourite holiday cookie recipe in the comments or e-mail it to me at
  • I’ll compile all the entries into one amazing cookie roundup post
  • One entry will be baked and featured on the blog with whatever credits you choose

Dust off the recipe boxes, beg your grandma for her recipes and attempt to navigate long-lost bookmarks. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll be sending in! Check back on my Facebook page for updates as we move into December.

Happy (early) holidays,

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  1. gwynnem says:

    Hi, Veronica! Here’s a link to one of my favorite holiday cookies:

    I love most cookies, but I particularly liked the use of candied orange peel in this one. Citrus always makes me think of winter. 🙂

    1. That looks amazing! Thanks for taking part. I’ve never tried candied orange peel

  2. trixpin says:

    Aw what a nice idea. I don’t think I really do many Christmas-specific cookies. I tend either to do gingerbread or any old biscuit then cut it out with a special cutter … I hope you get some much better suggestions from your other readers and I’ll be looking out to pinch some 😉

    1. I’ve gotten a couple of great ones so far, I think generally most christmas cookies are regular doughs cut into shapes but people just pretend they’re different haha

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