Hobbit Hole Cake

My inner geek was pretty satisfied eating a dwelling from a Tolkien novel.

I made this cake for a friend’s birthday and I think they were pretty pleased with it. I normally make cupcakes because I’ve never been a big fan of cake myself, but after I was done putting it all together there was a little feeling of accomplishment.

I looked so many places for a little Bilbo Baggins or Gandalf figurine to top the cake with, but the only thing I could find was on Amazon (and I hate paying for shipping, plus I was last-minute with that). There ended up being some Lego pieces from The Hobbit with Bilbo Baggins holding a sword and ring, plus Golum holding a fish. Worked pretty well in the end!The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

There are a couple of ingredients here that I want to clarify just in case anyone is confused. The main one is “chocolate rocks”, which are small, colourful chocolates that are coated in a shiny, hard-looking candy. This is what makes up the border of the pathway (see photo) and you can find them at some bulk stores or craft stores.

Another ingredient I would like to clear up is the green food colouring paste. Do not use regular food dye! The colour of the grassy icing surrounding the hobbit hole will turn out too light—it doesn’t matter how much you add. The paste colouring allows for a darker colour and it comes in a little container; I got mine from a specialty baking store but it is also available at places like Bulk Barn. Just a warning to those who don’t like getting your hands dirty: it stains. My fingers are green while I’m writing this up.Hobbit Hole Cake with TextHobbit Hole Birthday Cake


Makes 1 big awesome cake

  • 2 boxes 515g moist chocolate cake mix, prepared in separate bowls but not baked
  • 1 450g container chocolate icing
  • 1 450g container white icing
  • 1 tsp. green food colouring paste (I used Wilton’s “Kelly Green”)
  • 1 large round dark cookie of your choice
  • 1 white chocolate chip
  • 20-30 chocolate rocks
  • 1/4 cup toffee pieces
  • 1/2 piece of Bounty bar, cut cleanly in half


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Grease and lightly flour a 28×18 baking pan (If you have a size that’s similar, you can use it; this is going to be the base of the cake. Just adjust the baking times accordingly). Pour batter into pan and bake on middle rack for roughly 35-40 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean from the centre.

Grease and lightly flour a small oven-safe glass bowl (I used a 322 Pyrex), and pour as much cake batter from the second box that will fit. You should fill the bowl to about an inch or so from the rim, just so the cake has space to rise. There will be leftover cake batter—you can do whatever you want with that. Bake on middle rack for 20-25 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean.

Allow both cakes to cool completely. Remove the first cake (this is the base) from its pan, and place on a large serving plate. Smooth 3/4 of the chocolate icing evenly with a rubber spatula over the surface and sides.

Remove the smaller cake (this is your mound) from its bowl by placing a clean plate overtop of the bowl. Place one hand on the top and securely turn the bowl upside down, making sure the cake doesn’t fall or crumble in the process. The cake should come directly off onto the plate. With a bread knife, cut away any uneven edges around the bottom and cut a small portion of the mound away to make a flat side for the door.

Spread a small amount of chocolate icing over the flat side of the mound, and press large cookie of your choice into the centre (as a door). Secure the white chocolate chip to the cookie as a door handle with any remaining chocolate icing; you will only need a dot. Place mound right-side up on the base.

Spoon entire container of white icing into a medium-sized bowl, and mix in the green food colouring until completely blended in. Spread just enough icing over the mound and lower edges of the mound to cover it, then pipe the rest on to create a “plant” effect. To pipe the icing as grass/plants onto the mound part of the cake, I used a Wilton #1 tip (it’s really small).

Once you are done piping the grass on, make the outline of a pathway out of the chocolate rocks. Use about 10-15 on each side of path. Carefully sprinkle the toffee pieces in between the rocks placed, making sure none fall out of the pathway. If they do, carefully remove them with a toothpick so you don’t mess up the base icing.Hobbit Hole Cake Pathway

Take the piece of Bounty bar (for the chimney) and place firmly into the roof of the mound. Do it hard enough so it will stay in place, but be careful not to damage the mound’s shape. Serve after icing settles and enjoy!Hobbit Hole Cake DoorSliced chocolate cake

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  1. laurasmess says:

    This looks fantastic! Love the chocolate rocks, I’ve never seen them before… they worked out really effectively 🙂 My husband and I are Tolkein nuts also. We’ve got two sets of everything Tolkein (as we were collecting our own before we got married) plus a Gandalf robe and hat (my husband made it for a costume party). I think we need this cake to complete the equation! Thanks for the tip about the food colouring… argh, I’ve ended up with coloured fingers so many times!!! I might invest in some gloves for future baking!

    1. That’s hilarious! I’m curious, were you happy or annoyed that they made The Hobbit into a trilogy? I’m not sure if you’ve seen the first movie but it seemed like a bit much for a 300 page book in my opinion.

      1. laurasmess says:

        I saw the first movie. I both liked and loathed the fact that the Hobbit is being made into a trilogy. I like the fact that there’s more to look forward to (I was so sad when the LOTR series ended!) but I also agree that there’s not really enough content for three movies. I mean, Smaug is in the next movie so I don’t know how they’re going to make a movie length third! Hm. I guess we’ll see what happens!

  2. Nicely done 🙂 Kudos for recommending gel colour – I won’t use anything else now that I found it!

    1. It’s so much better than the drops–a little bit more money but definitely worth it!

  3. trixpin says:

    Aww, it’s cute! I don’t suppose it needed a magic ring to make it disappear?!

    1. Not this time around! :p

  4. So cute! Love the chocolate rock stones! 🙂

    1. I was so pleased with how good they tasted! Sometimes chocolate candies can kind of have a bad taste that’s really artificial but these ones use good quality chocolate for sure

  5. dragosbalan1 says:

    Thank you Veronica!! This cake was awesome, both in terms of taste and AWESOME visual appeal! 😀

  6. Wow that’s awesome – I am a huge Tolkien fan, thanks for posting this and stopping by my blog 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Thank you! The more Tolkien fans the better haha

      1. Couldn’t agree more… lol

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