Olive Oil Mayonnaise

The yolks and olive oil give homemade mayo a much different colouring than the classic blubbering white stuff from grocery stores (appealing-sounding, isn’t it?). I’m honestly not sure what they do to the processed mayo to make it that colour, but I didn’t feel like finding out since I do still eat it from time… Continue reading Olive Oil Mayonnaise

A Guide to French Macarons

French macarons are known to be one of the trickiest cookies to master at home. They are often described as finicky, delicate, and down-right rage-inducing. First and foremost, I watched this video from Entertaining with Beth on how to get a flawless batch of macarons. I used her recipe for the cookie element and used… Continue reading A Guide to French Macarons

Mini Mixed Berry Pies in Muffin Tins

Earlier this week as a graduation present, my aunt and uncle got my a KitchenAid Stand Mixer (in an awesome retro blue colour) and I’ve been trying to make as many recipes as possible with it. I’ve never mastered a good pie crust until now, but I went with a really basic base on a… Continue reading Mini Mixed Berry Pies in Muffin Tins