Honey, Walnut and Oat Cookies

Initially for this post, I was going to make apple cider cookies. Sounds good, right? I did a quick Google search to see if others had done it (link titles told me they did) and like the lazy cook I am, I thought "Good enough!" and bought everything. Funny thing is, I didn't read any … Continue reading Honey, Walnut and Oat Cookies


Homemade Nutella

Nutella is one of those magical foods that makes everything amazing. Waffles, cookies, icing, peanut butter sandwiches, spoons...it's all up to your imagination really. I was dreading removing the skins from the hazelnuts because it seemed like kind of a tedious task, but once you roast them, they come off very easily. This process takes … Continue reading Homemade Nutella